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"A stately home and estate as the perfect backdrop to your wedding"

Enjoy the authentic charm of an 18th-century estate out in the country, just 35 minutes from Paris. The grounds at Les Demeures de Varennes, adorned with a French-style boxwood garden and a lawn stretching down to centenarian trees, make a perfectly bucolic setting  for the most romantic of weddings.

Your kind of wedding in your style

At Les Demeures de Varennes, there are several possible wedding formulas: Varennes, Prestige and Romantic. Depending on your wishes, they can comprise: toasts, culinary entertainment, dinner and brunch served the next day.

Optional: Vintage cars, horses and carriages are available on hire. You can also organise a firework display, or have balloons or lanterns released into the sky.

An estate at your disposal

Beneath the arbour, for the toast, in the washhouse, a plate-glass room  150 sq.m (can hold up to 130 guests), in the Edison room, an authentic, vaulted 90-sq.m room  with millstone walls s (up to 60 guests), or in the Garden cottage, in the grounds (up to 100 guests), the choice of reception venue  is yours at Les Demeures de Varennes.

You can invite  up to 100 guests to sleep over, in our cosy, well-kept rooms at Les Demeures de Varennes. Guests can choose a classic or Supérieure rooms or a suite.

For more information, contact Marie Januario, your family events manager at or call +33 (0)1 69 00 53 87

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